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Floury Hands Sugar Art Studio – Leiden
Willem de Zwijgerlaan 2A

2316 GB Leiden
KVK: 69659923

Open only for appointments.

Please message me to get a quote, to order or if you have any questions. 

Only written orders get accepted.

Terms and Conditions

By ordering from Floury Hands you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.


Payment is needed to confirm orders, and until payment is received your order cannot be guaranteed. For any orders booked, a 20% non-refundable deposit via a pro forma invoice is required, and issuance and receipt of your invoice with the 20% non-refundable deposit is taken as confirmation of your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order still awaiting payment on the delivery date. Because we may have had to turn away other clients and start preparations for your order, invoices will remain payable in the event of cancellation or postponement. It is strongly recommended that you place an order two (2) months prior to your event (except for Online Shop orders as described below).

Delivery and Pick-up

Deliveries are made by hand on the date specified in your order. All deliveries are undertaken by Floury Hands. Please ensure someone is available at the delivery address on the day of your order. If there is no one on hand to receive the order, we will do our very best to leave it in a safe place (with a neighbour, receptionist, caretaker etc.) but we cannot keep hold of the order for re-delivery and it will be left at the address you have given us. If you would like us to deliver to your place of work or somewhere with a mailroom/courier point, we are happy to do so but please note that Floury Hands cannot accept any liability for the treatment of your order or mishandling once a delivery has been made. Once the order is delivered or been picked up at our place, we cannot accept liability for the subsequent handling of your orders.

Applicable Delivery Charges:
Birthday cakes/orders: €5,95 + €0,6/km
Wedding cakes and orders above €200: €15 + €0.6/km
Online Shop orders: €5,95 in Leiden, Leiderdorp and Oestgeest.

You can also pick-up your order at Willem de Zwijgerlaan 2A, 2316 GB Leiden (in Het GroenOord). Before pick-up make sure that you communicate the exact date and time of your arrival with us.

If arranging your own collection we would recommend always using a van or car rather than a bike or „bakfiets”. Once orders have left our bakery we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs in transit.


All our cakes and cupcakes are baked to order and we do not accept returns. Refunds, credit notes or a replacement order to the same value will be given only in the event that you receive the incorrect product or if the products are shown to be of unsatisfactory quality. Should this be the case, or if you are in any way unsatisfied with the condition or quality of your cake/sweets upon arrival, you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt. Floury Hands will not accept liability for any complaints made after 24 hours. In case you have quality issues, you must return the cake/sweets for further examination.

If you need to change the date or details of your order or cancel it altogether, please contact us as far in advance as possible. Orders cancelled 7 days or more before the delivery/collection date will receive an 80% refund on the order total; those cancelled within 3-6 days of delivery/collection will be entitled to a 50% refund; those cancelled within 48 hours of the order date will not be entitled to a refund (although refunds and credit notes may still be provided at Floury Hands' discretion).

Wedding cakes and orders above €200:

Customers who have booked and received an invoice from Floury Hands are entitled to an 80% refund on the order total for cancellations made 14 days or more in advance of the order date. Orders cancelled within 14 days of delivery/collection will not be entitled to a refund (although refunds and credit notes may still be given at Floury Hands’ discretion).


Please keep in mind that we use all allergens in our kitchen, therefore cross-contamination is possible. We recommend going specifically to an allergen-free bakery if you have serious allergies.

  • Nut-free options: cakes, cupcakes, cookies

  • Gluten-free options: cakes, cupcakes, macarons

  • Dairy free options: cupcakes, macarons

  • Egg free options: –

  • Sugar free options: cupcakes


Every order is different, therefore there are no “catalogue” prices. Prices may vary and always depend on flavour, design and size. Please drop us a message to get a quote. All prices used by Floury Hands are in euros, are inclusive of BTW, packaging and exclusive of shipping costs unless expressly stated or agreed otherwise. Floury Hands is entitled to adjust all prices for its products or services shown on its website or otherwise at any time.

Minimum orders

You must adhere to a minimum order quantity for all kinds of sweets (except for Online Shop orders):

  • Cake: minimum 8 slices

  • Cupcakes: minimum 12 cupcakes in one flavour

  • Mini cupcakes: minimum 24 cupcakes in one flavour

  • Macarons: minimum 12 macarons in one flavour

  • Cookies: minimum 24 cookies

Online Shop Order

For Online Shop orders standard Floury Hands Terms and Conditions apply. When making an online order from our Online Shop, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a complete and correct address, along with a correct phone number for contact. It is also the customer’s responsibility that there is someone to accept the delivery at the address. Floury Hands cannot accept responsibility for late or missing deliveries due to insufficient or incorrect information supplied, or because there is no one to accept delivery. 

Orders placed through the Online Shop shall be delivered or collected in 2-3 days (and not before) from placing the order. Before pick up make sure that you communicate the exact date and time of your arrival with us. Orders placed through the Online Shop shall only be delivered in a 5km radius from our address for €5,95 each delivery.

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