Here is to a Happier New Year!

And here we are. At the end of probably the strangest year in our lives. It definitely was for me. I thought I would post my favourite cake of this year which I made for a photoshoot in November.

And I also thought I would write something about my feelings. But first, a mention of the leveranciers (suppliers) involved in this amazing photoshoot: Organisatie: @yourbloomingbusiness

Fotograaf: @sharonfotografie

Styling: @binnenstebuitenevents

Bloemist: @floralisa

Sweets: @flouryhands

Make-up: @mesmerizingbeautynl

Haarstylist: @mirthezoektmodellen

Stationery: @Lin.designed

Jurk: @honeymoonshopnl

Pak: @honeymoonmensshop

Locatie: @vrijinculemborg

Modellen: @kirsten.kevin

And then my thoughts...

First of all, I realised that Floury Hands to me is not just about making cakes and being busy with the business side of things, but it is also some sort of an emotional outlet for me. I always wanted to write a blog (well, more like a diary), and I’ve started one a few times in my life so far, but I never really stick to them. And now I have my own Facebook/Instagram page where I have followers who may (or may not?) be interested in me as the person behind these creations. So yes, from now on I will write more about me and my feelings and not just about the cakes I make. (Now is the time to speak up if this doesn’t appeal to you!) :)