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About Floury Hands

Floury Hands started as a passion in 2015 and became a KVK registered business in 2017.

I feel extremely lucky to be able to follow my dreams by creating amazing cakes, macarons, cookies and more. 
It is very important to me that everything I make is fresh and homemade. No artificial flavourings, no cake mixes, just what I need to create delicious and moist cakes: eggs, butter, sugar, flour,


My name is Erika and I am a 34 year old self-taught baker from Hungary. I have lived in the Netherlands for 6 years and I have a very supportive (and cake-lover) husband, who is a musician, and a very active and cheeky 2 year old boy. Our life is never boring, we love being active and taking the extra step for our dream, which is:
creating happiness in different ways.

Unique designs, latest trends


Specialized in buttercream


Quality ingredients


Original recipes, delicious cakes


"Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake."

Dean Koontz

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